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Renan's statements amount to an adverse answer?so you're able to a "practical" denial one to people great dependence may be placed in these levels

"St. Matthew obviously is definitely worth unusual trust towards discourses. Here are the 'oracles'?the actual cards drawn since the memories of the tuition off Jesus try lifestyle and you will chosen."

"Notes" was quite effective away from a good shorthand blogger, nevertheless idea is actually accidental, getting M. Renan assumes on that these "notes" was in fact drawn, not during the time of brand new delivery of the "logia" however, then, while you are (as he assumes on) the fresh memory of those try life and you may special; to make sure that, in this very ticket, Meters. Renan renders discover issue of one's standard historic property value the initial Gospel; while it is obvious your reliability off "notes" pulled, not during beginning, but regarding memories, try a matter about hence one or more advice can be fairly held. Also, Renan explicitly phone calls focus on the problem out-of identifying brand new genuine "logia" off later enhancements of the same type ("Les Evangiles," p. 201). The fact is, there is no paradox right here to that particular view concerning the first Gospel that is expressed when you look at the "Les Evangiles" (p. 175).

The language of the thus-named Matthew supposes the fresh pre-life of these away from Draw, and really does nothing more than done they. He finishes they in two fashions?basic, from the insertion of these much time discourses hence provided the chief worthy of towards Hebrew Gospels; then with the addition of living off a far more modern formation, result of successive advancements of one's legend, and also to that the Religious consciousness already affixed unlimited value.

Meters. Renan right here conveys ab muscles general Viewpoint from what life regarding a set of "logia," which have an alternative provider from the text message where he is inserted, for the Matthew