If you’re able to create a problem to help you AFCA

If you're able to create a problem to help you AFCA

Your local area unable to fulfill your payments towards borrowing loans, you are feeling monetary challenge. Economic difficulty get connect with your bank card, home loan, personal loan otherwise organization financing. The newest Australian Monetary Problems Authority (AFCA) can help with monetary difficulties per a range of credit services.

If for example the monetary difficulties relates to a unique monetary product otherwise solution, we could possibly also be in a position to aid you.

What is causing economic problem can include sickness, absolute emergency, unemployment or higher-commitment. Both customers and you may small businesses can experience monetary difficulty.

AFCA uses a smooth processes to own problems throughout the economic difficulty from inside the paying borrowing financial obligation to make certain speaking of taken care of inside the an enthusiastic successful, timely and reasonable manner. Economic challenge issues might be defined as in the future that one may after i found her or him.

AFCA's method of financial challenge

  • Economic Difficulty collection – all of our power to vary credit deals [PDF]
  • Monetary Problem series – principles, code and you may sound practice[PDF]
  • Monetary Complications series – working together discover options[PDF]
  • Economic Problem show – writing on well-known factors[PDF]
  • Monetary Difficulty series – very early release of super[PDF]

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